Keep your wooden utensils feeling fine.

Your wooden goods from Sylvastine come polished smooth and conditioned with heat-treated walnut oil. With time and use they can lose their shine and may develop a rougher texture as the wood fibers react to contact with liquids. To help prevent this, always clean your utensils after use by hand rinsing with lukewarm water, and immediately pat them dry with a dishcloth. Do not let them stand in water for extended periods. 

Should your wooden items lose their smooth finish, you can bring them back to a shiny state by polishing with a fine-grit sandpaper (1000-grit is what I use) and then reconditioning with a food-safe oil or beeswax and wiping with a soft cloth. Food-grade mineral oil and refractionated coconut oil are both good choices as they will not go rancid. Periodically oiling or waxing your wooden items will keep them soft, shiny and waterproof!